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Air India, the poor emperor

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While it is called the Maharajah, the emperor, the current state of affairs at the state-run Air India does not live up to its heritage and reputation [...]

Regional connectivity scheme to be operational by January

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India’s first flight under the regional connectivity scheme will take off in January, said civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapati Raju while launching the marquee scheme on Friday in New Delhi [...]

DGCA suggests restricting UAVs payload for civilian use at 18kg

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In an attempt to facilitate the civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles, DGCA has suggested the civil aviation ministry to reduce the UAVs payload and restrict them to fly within the ‘visual range' [...]

Pawan Hans Helicopters may play a role in promoting RCS

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Given the lukewarm response received from private airlines for the regional connectivity scheme, the National Democratic Alliance government is evaluating to bring on board state-run Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd [...]

Government to review Air India’s aircraft orders

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In an attempt to prepare state-run Air India to execute the regional connectivity scheme, the government plans to evaluate and review the carrier’s new aircraft orders [...]

Government considering to reduce Rs.8,000 per flight RCS fund levy

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With a view to keep airfares unchanged, the government may reduce the earlier planned charge of Rs.8,000 per flight from airlines to fund the regional connectivity scheme [...]

Advent of foreign low-cost airlines

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The advent of low-cost carriers in early 2000s opened the sky for masses but international air travel was still out of bounds for them with complete dependency on full-service airlines [...]

India may allow foreign-registered small aircraft for improving regional connectivity

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In a first, India may allow foreign-registered small aircraft on domestic routes, thereby exempting them from being stamped with VT, or Viceroy Territory, aircraft registration code [...]

India sets up ATC towers upgradation committee for UAVs

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In a move aimed at facilitating the civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Indian airspace, the government has constituted a committee to ascertain the air traffic control towers requirements for infrastructural and technical upgradation [...]

Aviation regulator concerned about airport congestion as aircraft deliveries line up

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India’s airlines’ plan to seek a larger pie of the passenger traffic by lining up aircraft deliveries over the next few years has raised concerns due to lack of infrastructure at already clogged airports [...]